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Los Altos Parent Preschool (LAPP)

Los Altos Parent Preschool is a community of parents and educators committed to providing an enriching environment for children through parent education, parent involvement and mutual support. They foster imagination and individuality in each child. LAPP understands that children, parents and staff are growing, and that the process of growth involves mistakes. Individuals are treated with respect, compassion, acceptance and encouragement as they work toward their goals. They are a child-centered, developmentally appropriate, anti-bias program that focuses on the whole child and value the imagination and creativity of each child and the individuality of every family. LAPP has three programs starting each Fall and ending late spring: young 3s, 3s and 4s, and Pre-K. LAPP also offers a number of one-week mixed-age sessions during the summer, each built around a separate theme. Families may enroll for as many sessions as they like. http://lapp.coop


Acterra is an environmental non-profit serving the Silicon Valley. Acterra provides people with tangible, hands-on activities they can do to improve the environment. All of their work is solution-oriented. They offer several thousand volunteer opportunities each year for adults and youth. Because people get excited by different things, Acterra offers a broad range of programs, from habitat restoration to carbon reduction and more. As importantly, they teach people how to become effective environmental change agents in their communities, neighborhoods, workplaces and schools. In addition to empowering thousands of people here in Silicon Valley, Acterra’s programs serve as models that others can emulate elsewhere. http://www.acterra.org

Animal Assisted Happiness

Animal Assisted Happiness aims to enrich the lives of children with special needs by providing local destinations where children and their family members interact with animals to bring moments of happiness and a smile into their daily lives and challenges. All of their services are free of charge and they rely 100% on donations for funding and volunteers to run their programs. Animal Assisted Happiness allows children to meet a wide variety of animals before selecting one animal to form a relationship with. Once a child selects an animal friend, he or she will interact with that animal on a regular basis through activities such as feeding, grooming and caring for the animal. For children with limited mobility, Animal Assisted Happiness can bring animals to them. http://www.animalassistedhappiness.org/

Assistance League of Los Altos

Assistance League of Los Altos is a nonprofit, nonsectarian volunteer organization that puts caring and commitment into action through community-based philanthropic programs. One of the programs Assistance League of Los Altos runs is H.O.M.E, which is Housing of Medical Emergencies. H.O.M.E. is a 42-unit apartment complex on Stanford University Medical Center property that houses patients and their caregivers undergoing tests or treatment at the center. H.O.M.E is serving the community immensely with high occupancy and affordable housing for those in need. Additionally, they run Operation School Bell, which includes a foster care enrichment program to enrich the lives of foster care children in the community as well as fill hundreds of backpacks with school supplies for children in need each school year. Assistance League of Los Altos also presents priceless vintage clothing in fashion shows at senior centers, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. Finally, they operate Hug-A-Bear, which gives teddy bears to trauma and cancer patients at local hospitals as well as H.O.M.E residents and Assisteens, which provide community volunteer opportunities for teens grades 7 thru 12. The primary fundraiser for Assistance League of Los Altos is the Costume Bank located in downtown Los Altos at State and Third Street. The Costume Bank has over 3,000 quality costumes to rent for every occasion including Children's costumes. The Costume Bank is open year-around and has a large selection of accessories for sale. http://www.costumebank.com/

Bay Area Adoption Services (BAAS)

Bay Area Adoption Services (BAAS) is a parent-led, non-profit, international adoption agency. Our mission is to find and support loving, able parents for orphaned, abandoned or relinquished children. The child's welfare is our primary concern. BAAS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1984 with a commitment to connect children and families worldwide. In the last 20 years, BAAS has welcomed children from over 50 countries to the US and enjoys a strong reputation within the global adoption community. BAAS has active relationships in many countries including China, Colombia, India, Russia, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, and the Philippines. We have life-long ties to the countries where the children were born and are committed to helping the children and communities there. www.baas.org/

Carb DM

Carb DM provides families and individuals living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) information, education, and support. Carb DM bring families and individuals living with type 1 diabetes together to help normalize their experience and provide them with access to education and information that will help them adapt to, and manage the complexities of living with T1D. Additionally, Carb DM seeks to empower parents and other caregivers and give them the tools they need to advocate for their children and educate others about T1D. Finally, Carb DM wishes to create a supportive community for children and adults living with T1D so that they feel motivated and empowered to care for their health. Carb DM monthly programs for parents, adults, teens, toddlers, and families living with T1D are offered on the Peninsula and in the East Bay. http://carbdm.org/

GreenTown Los Altos

GreenTown Los Altos is a grassroots initiative, of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills residents and businesses, with a mission to make a more environmentally healthy community for our children and grandchildren. The group focuses on reductions in four key areas: water consumption, energy usage, non-recyclable waste generated, and vehicle miles traveled. To accomplish these goals, GreenTown provides information, holds events and defines policies, encouraging simple, sensible lifestyle changes, so these communities remain among California's most desirable places to live and work. Make your mark now, by getting a few tips at http://greentownlosaltos.org/

HealthCare Trip

Health Care Trip's mission is to uphold and improve the reputation and safety of the healthcare tourism industry by promoting safe healthcare tourism practices among their member organizations. They develop and employ safety, accreditation, and technology solutions to improve the healthcare system for those who choose the avenue of receiving healthcare abroad. Health Care Trip maintains a neutral stance on the policy of healthcare tourism promotion and outsourcing, but support safe and effective services for foreign patients. They aim to protect patient rights, quality of care and business practices in the health tourism industry as well as protect the industry itself against companies that may jeopardize its future. Additionally, they want to create a "United Nations" roundtable for the health tourism industry in order to establish health tourism standards and principles for credentialing purposes. Finally, Health Care Trip is seeking to become the international authority on health tourism governance through the administration of a comprehensive accreditation system. http://healthcaretrip.org/

The Los Altos School District

Los Altos School District is an elementary school district in northwest Santa Clara County serving students in grades kindergarten to six (K-6). The district boundaries include most of the City of Los Altos, half of Los Altos Hills, parts of Mountain View, Palo Alto and some unincorporated county lands. Los Altos School District was founded in 1909.

An elected five-member board of trustees governs the district. The superintendent, Jeffrey Baier, runs the day-to-day operations of the district. The district is a public agency governed by the laws of the State of California. Our teachers, classified staff and administration are dedicated individuals and committed to ensuring that every child's educational needs are met everyday. We are supported by parents who are passionate about child education. Their involvement in and support of our Los Altos Education Foundation and the very active P.T.A.'s at each school truly make a difference in the programs we offer our students. Every year since the California standardized test scores have been published, LASD has ranked in the top half percent of approximately 1,000 school districts statewide. Recent rankings by the State Department of Education indicate that our schools are among the finest in the state. All of our schools are California Distinguished Schools. Clearly, the students of the Los Altos School District receive a superior education. http://www.losaltos.k12.ca.us

Mountain View Educational Foundation (MVEF)

The Mountain View Educational Foundation (MVEF) is a volunteer driven non-profit, a public benefit organization established in 1983. MVEF provides funding for enrichment programs and educational materials to enhance the solid academic curriculum and maintain the high quality of education in the Mountain View Whisman School District in California. The MVEF philosophy starts with helping every child in the Mountain View elementary and middle schools. By encouraging community involvement, MVEF engages individuals, businesses and corporations to support programs that touch every child. MVEF invests in programs which directly relate to the quality and breadth of the educational experience. http://www.mvef.org/

The Red Panda Network

The Red Panda Network is committed to the conservation of wild red pandas and their habitat through the education and empowerment of local communities. Red pandas are threatened with extinction mostly through deforestation driven by human population growth, agricultural expansion, and illegal capture. Besides zoo partnerships, individual donations and grants, RPN is working to secure long-term financing from forestry carbon offset projects that will turn forests into an asset that will simultaneously ensure the protection of 25% of the Nepalese red panda population for 20 to 30 years, empower impoverished villagers and fight global warming.

With their other non-profit partners, the Red Panda Network supports the management and creation of community-based organizations that monitor their community forests and educate their community forests users about red pandas. Their long-term goal is for community capacity to be reached and community-based organizations to be self-managed without requiring the Red Panda Network's assistance.

The Network is reaching out to partners in all Himalayan countries with red pandas, including China, India, Bhutan, and Myanmar. In order to complete their work, RPN strives to commit 80 percent of donations received directly to managing community-based activities and conservation efforts around the world. The other 20 percent is used to support administrative costs in the United States and Nepal. http://redpandanetwork.org/

Sky's The Limit Fund

Sky's The Limit Fund transforms the lives of at-risk youth by providing grants, support, and hope through wilderness therapy programs and beyond. They feel that the best chance of success for a youth in crisis and their family is to combine wilderness therapy programs followed by transitional support services and follow-on therapeutic treatment options. They believe that the cost of attending wilderness therapy programs and follow-on therapeutic programs should not be a barrier to anyone who requires critical and immediate support. Sky's The Limit Fund seeks to relieve families in crisis of the financial stress associated with getting an at risk youth the treatment he or she needs. They believe they can be an agent of change in their communities by providing important financial and support resources that enable troubled youth to renew their lives and achieve their potential so they can become valued contributors in their families and communities. http://www.skysthelimitfund.org

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